his year of 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the Global IT Challenge which was designed to enhance the information utilization skill of youths with disability and to encourage their social participation. The event started off in 1992 in Korea. Expanding to neighboring countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region, the IT Challenge has truly become a global event since 2011.


"Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities" was held in Hanoi, Vietnam(2011), followed by Incheon, South Korea(2012), Bangkok, Thailand(2013), Busan, South Korea(2014), Jakarta, Indonesia(2015), and in Yangzhou, China(2016) to meet and welcome youth with disabilities in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The events with global participants have borne abundant fruits.


I have felt that IT has changed our life in so many ways, and played a crucial role in communicating to the world without significant barriers. That is why I strongly believe that our event has the potential to change the lives of youth with disabilities and give an opportunity to bring them closer to make their dreams come true.


Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities did not become successful on our own. It was possible because there was partnership with the governments, enterprises, universities, and civic societies as well as international organizations such as UN ESCAP and RI. We will make the world a better place to leave no one behind in the future.


Dear youths, there is a big potential inside of you. Keep challenging without fear of failure.
Global IT Challenge will support your dreams.


Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities
Kim In Kyu

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